Common Reasons Why the Motorbike Breaks Down

Motorbike Breaks Down

Motorbike may be more convenient than cars from certain point of views but they can also break down when you least expect them to. There are different people that think that a bike will not break down that often but this is not actually true. What is important is to be aware of some really common reasons why the bikes breakdown. If you are informed and prepared, you are going to be able to know exactly what has to be done and this is really important as you can save money while also being able to save time as well. Let us take a look at the most common reasons why the motorbike will break down.

Contrary to what you might think, the most common problem that appears is to run out of gas. Most people think that this will never happen to them but the truth is that it can happen quite often. Drivers tend to be really confident that the bike will never consume much gas so they can easily end up not being able to make it to the gas station in time. Make sure that you are going to regularly check your gas level so that this convenience will never happen.

Flat tires are the second common problem that can appear. We need to understand that a motorbike does not actually have space to carry a spare tire with you. It is necessary to check the tires every single time you take the bike for a spin. Make sure that enough air is in them and if you think that you busted a tire, make sure that you are going to get to the side of the road and check so that you can avoid the situation in which this causes an accident.

You might also end up faced with a discharged or weak battery. It is quite easy to notice when the battery will not work well since the engine will have problems starting. In the event that you are faced with a discharged battery, make sure that you use jumper cables to solve this. If the battery is malfunctioning, there is absolutely no way to fix this. You would need another one.

The last thing that has to be mentioned is the fact that motorbikes are going to overheat too, just like cars. In most cases this happens when you keep driving for really long periods of time. Make sure that you will take a break so that the bike can cool down.

Choosing Your New Chopper


Choppers have become the hot trend among motorcycle enthusiasts and are finally making a place for themselves in the mainstream biking world. A long time ago, these bikes were ridden by feared biker groups but now doctors, lawyers and accountants are seen riding choppers. These bikes’ popularity can be partly attributed to hit television shows such as “American Chopper.” Today, there is a wide array of standard and kit-customized choppers. If you are in the market for a new chopper, the first decision to make is the type of chopper you want.


The Bobber has looks that are similar to the original choppers of the 1970s that were mainly manufactured from servicemen who were returning back home to the United States after World War II. These bikes are known for their distinctive looks created by removing unnecessary parts in order to decrease their weight but also improve their performance. The Bobber chopper has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past five years.

Rat Bike

The Rat Bike made its first appearance during the late 1970s and early 1980s. These bikes first piqued the public’s interest when they were shown in “Max Max,” a popular movie of the time. People who own Rat Bikes try their best to keep them road worthy without investing too much money. Many times Rat Bike owners will remove parts from other bikes in order to put the parts on their own chopper. While other types of choppers tend to come in a wide selection of colors, Rat Bikes are usually only made in a Matt Black color.

Pro Street Chopper

Pro Street Choppers are currently the most recognized type of chopper available on the market. The highest quality Pro Streets have a fat rear tires and long extended forks. These bikes jack their style from drag bikes but because of their design, Pro Street Choppers are difficult to handle, particularly on winding roads. Regardless, these bikes really shine when they run down a straight, open road.

Do Not Forget the Rear Suspension

After you have come to a decision regarding the type of chopper you want to buy, you need to decide on its rear suspension style, which will either be a soft tail or a hard tail. Hard tails do not have an actual rear suspension so you will definitely feel the bike seat’s springs. Soft tails have excellent rear suspension in order to make for a comfortable ride. If you plan to spend a lot of time on your chopper, soft tail suspension is the best choice.

What you need to know about Motorbike clothing

Motorbike clothing

It is really important to make sure that you are going to use proper motorbike clothing whenever going on a ride. When you go on a long ride this is even more important as there is a need to have comfort and this might not be easy for most people. When you are racing there is a need to have protection and padding instead of comfort so that safety becomes a reality. As you can clearly notice, different circumstances are going to bring in the need for different motorbike clothing.

Before we talk about the actual clothing, we have to mention the fact that quality is really important. There are many that are going to buy based on price tags and this is definitely not a good idea. Make sure that you check the make and the firm that sells the equipment you are purchasing. Sometimes imitations are being sold as a real brand so always consider looking for customer feedback information. The shop that you buy from needs to have a proper reputation.

If the main thing that you want is comfort in every weather type, you might want to consider buying a motorbike jacket that includes a shell of nylon. Most of the jackets that are designed for a motorcycle ride are waterproof and will be suitable to use during rain. If there is a chance that the jacked is to be worn in a cold weather, make sure that you buy one that has a thermal liner. This will allow it to be perfect for both cold and hot weather.

In the event that you are really interested in being warm at all times, it is recommended that you try microfleece base layers. You are going to wear them under clothing and will offer comfort and warmth even when faced with the coldest temperatures. Most of these layers are going to include wicking material that can keep the body dry without cooling and moisture away from the skin. In cold temperatures you might also want to consider using balaclavas. This is worn under the helmet and will make sure that your head is warm at all times. Some will include wicking material that is to make sure that sweat will not be a problem.

When racing, protection is important so body armor will be what you might want to buy. In most cases the armor will protect all areas that can get damaged including spine, chest and back. Leather will offer good protection and this is what is utilized for the best suits because of the fact that it is really tough. In addition, safety seams are to be added at common impact points.

What to Check when You buy a Used Motorbike

buy Used Motorbike

The big problem with buying a used motorbike is that you never actually know the condition of the bike by just looking at it. You have to be really careful and always know exactly what you should be looking so that you can be sure that the amount that you are about to pay is reasonable. It is a really good idea to take someone that knows as much as possible about motorbikes with you when you look at what you might want to buy in the event that your knowledge is not high. There are many different things that you will need to check to make sure that the motorbike is in a good condition.

You might want to start everything with your frame. Look for any damage that might be noticed and analyze the wheels to make sure that the alignment is proper. You should also analyze the electrics so you will have to start the motorbike. Take a look at all indicators, try the horn, the lights, the gear switch and even look at the fuel pump. Let the bike run for around 1 minute to check for leaks that might appear. Fork seals have to be analyzed together with making sure that front suspension will be properly aligned.

When talking about the rear suspension, the important thing is to make sure that there are no seizure signs and that no leaks appear.
The idea is to basically try to figure out how much money you would need to invest after you buy the motorbike. In most situations there is at least something wrong as bikes can end up with some damaged parts as time passes. Make sure that you are going to analyze the tires too and see their tread depth and general condition.

One of the most important parts of the entire process is to take the motorbike on a test drive. This will allow you to check the steering and the general performance level. When you buy online there is a common misconception that this is not possible. However, in this case you need to understand that you will be able to actually see the bike before the payment is made. The list above is very good at deciding the general state of any motorbike that you might consider buying. Make sure that you also go to a professional mechanic if it is possible to get even more information.

Tips for Safe Winter Motorcycle Rides

Winter Motorcycle Rides

If you are the adventurous types, winter motorcycle rides may appeal to you. But if you do not have the luxury of a snug faring and heated grips, there are several safety tips you should follow in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of your chilly, winter ride.

Avoid Motorcycle Corrosion

Wintertime motorcycle corrosion is avoidable if you regularly wash off the dirt and road salt that accumulates on your bike and causes oxidation. Be sure to wax the alloy rims of your bike by using a hard wax. In addition, put some Vaseline or grease on places you want to keep dry. Keep in mind that if you keep your motorcycle under a cover, the cover will not prevent all moisture from breaking through so park it in a garage if possible.

Corners and Speeding

Be certain your motorcycle’s centrifugal forces are minimized as you head toward a curve. Simply ride slower than usual and you should be able to keep the forces in control. Whatever you do, refrain from sudden acceleration and breaking.

Keep Warm

Cold feet and hands are not good at keeping a motorcycle under control. So install a warmer kit in order to stay warm during freezing temperatures.

Pedestrian Dangers

Always be aware of pedestrians. Many times, pedestrians walking in cold, wet weather will not pay attention to their surroundings, especially when they decide to dart across the road to keep from getting wet. They also tend to keep their heads pointed downward so keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Pot Holes Filled With Water

Pot holes are great at creating illusions. They may look like puddles but the depth is difficult to gauge until after you ride over one. If you see a puddle, remember that it may not always be a puddle.

Slippery Roads

When the first winter rains fall on oil-coated roads from the summertime, the combination is extremely hazardous. There is less of a grip on wet roads as opposed to dry roads so even roads with which you are familiar could have a layer of oil that will decrease your tires’ grip. And be aware that rapidly gearing down may cause your back tire to lock up when riding on wet roads.

Tree Gum

During the summer, the trees that hang over the road tend to become over-sapped. When tree sap and rainwater mix, the combination creates a slippery film that can cause injury.

White Road Lines

The white lines painted on a road’s surface become very slippery when wet. Stay away from the road’s center while riding because these lines tend to gather a lot of dirt and fuel deposits.

Care Instructions for Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

When it comes to leather motorcycle saddlebags, the quality will vary according to the product and manufacturer. In general, leather saddlebags are grouped into one of three classifications: chrome, split and vegetable. Each type must be maintained in a different way. With proper care, these saddlebags will remain durable and attractive. There are four steps to follow in order to properly maintain your saddlebags. Before you start maintaining your saddlebags, make sure your work space is well ventilated due to the chemical solutions you will be using. This means cleaning them either outdoors or in an open garage.

Step One: Cleaning

Only buy quality cleaning solutions that will not fade the color of your leather saddlebags. Solutions that are too strong tend to wear out the color faster and weaken the thread used to stitch the leather. If you need to dilute your cleaning products, add a little bit of water. Before cleaning the entire saddlebag, test an area on the bag’s back. Any cloth can be used to clean your saddlebags as long as the cloth is clean.

Step Two: Conditioning

The second part to proper leather saddlebag care is conditioning the leather. Although conditioning does not have to be completed on a regular basis, it should be done every so often in order to keep the leather in excellent shape. To begin conditioning the saddlebags, you will need to use an oil lubricant. All that you must do is apply one, light coat of oil to the saddlebag’s surface. Remember, leather is made from animal skin so it does need moisturizer in order last a long time and look good throughout its lifespan.

Step Three: Polishing

Polishing is the third step of leather motorcycle saddlebag care. In order to give your saddlebags an extra shine that will make them stand out, polishing is a must-do step. There are several kinds of polishes available on the market but be sure the one you buy will not clog the leather’s pores, which will cause the material to dry.

Step Four: Protection

The final step of saddlebag maintenance involves adding a layer of protection in the form of a moisture barrier. By applying this barrier, you will prevent leather damage that is caused by rain, snow and moisture. An added benefit of the protection step is that the leather saddlebags will appear clean for a longer period of time. All riders know that rain and mud are the two destroyers of leather saddlebags so if you plan to ride in adverse conditions, consider putting rain covers on your saddlebags. This will further your saddlebags’ lifespan.

Mahle Air Filters Keep your Car Running Longer

Air Filters need replacing to keep your car running at optimal condition. It is important to be familiar with your driving habits. A car driving through a desert, in sandy and dusty conditions will need air filters changed constantly, compared to a car driving on smooth, well-paved highways.

Modern engines need precise ratios of air to fuel intake. When you starve your engine of air, the fuel mix becomes too rich, which adds strain on your engine. Air filters play the role of trapping grit what would cause harm to the engine. They are the lungs of the engine. Air filters currently have a meter that measures the flow of air. They also have an indicator that lets you know when your car should be serviced. Your filter is protected against thermal trauma with a shield that resists heat. So you need to clean out the air filters with time, and replace them when they get too dirty.

Air Filters car

Mahle uses special seals made with exclusive design polyurethane foam. This foam keeps your air filter attached without fail keeping the filthy side of your filter apart from the clean side. The seals remain tight with time. Chemical exposure doesn’t wear them down nor does high temperature. They capture up to 99.9% of dust, soot and tire wire particles and assure an optimal air to fuel mixture.

You can save on air filters by checking them regularly. Depending on the kind of driving you do, pop your hood, and remove the filter. Clean it, and make sure you get most of the dirt out. A quality filter like Mahle, with care and maintenance can help you keep a healthy engine. That means maintaining your filter will keep the life of your valves longer. Your piston rings don’t overwork, and the bearings are not corroded. This is because a clean air filter keeps your engine working well, without over extending its performance.

Why second hand cars are becoming popular

Sometime back when an individual wanted to buy a car, all they had to do was to visit their local dealer to select the model and type of their of their preferred choice. People preferred brand new cars mainly because of the warranty that accompanied them. But since the year 2007, economic slump, people no longer hold this perception. Economic meltdown that resulted made it hard for majority of people to buy brand new cars. Their personal credit is no longer the same because it’s been cut off or heightened. As a result of this, going for second hand has become the new trend. Many people would prefer an old BMW to a new car.

This one has made the dealers that sell used cars to enjoy a lot. A social facelift has been given to them. Of late, there are lots of dealers as a result of this and its now possible for anyone who is employed to own a car at a good price. Another good thing is that they come with substantial warranty and most are certified.

second hand carsWhen one visits these dealers, they will be able to find almost any kind of model or make one can think of. It doesn’t matter your taste; you can get any type of car including those foreign models. Once you get in those well stocked dealerships, you will be able to make your choice according to your preference. Another thing is that these dealers are also willing to purchase your truck or automobile and they don’t care where you bought it from. Once you make a choice on the car that you need, you will pay the price that reads on the sticker. No negotiation is permitted in this deal. The good thing is that the dealers are offering a price that is below the retail. If you happen to compare the prices, you will discover that they offer the fairest price that works best for both of you.

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