Mahle Air Filters Keep your Car Running Longer

Air Filters need replacing to keep your car running at optimal condition. It is important to be familiar with your driving habits. A car driving through a desert, in sandy and dusty conditions will need air filters changed constantly, compared to a car driving on smooth, well-paved highways.

Modern engines need precise ratios of air to fuel intake. When you starve your engine of air, the fuel mix becomes too rich, which adds strain on your engine. Air filters play the role of trapping grit what would cause harm to the engine. They are the lungs of the engine. Air filters currently have a meter that measures the flow of air. They also have an indicator that lets you know when your car should be serviced. Your filter is protected against thermal trauma with a shield that resists heat. So you need to clean out the air filters with time, and replace them when they get too dirty.

Air Filters car

Mahle uses special seals made with exclusive design polyurethane foam. This foam keeps your air filter attached without fail keeping the filthy side of your filter apart from the clean side. The seals remain tight with time. Chemical exposure doesn’t wear them down nor does high temperature. They capture up to 99.9% of dust, soot and tire wire particles and assure an optimal air to fuel mixture.

You can save on air filters by checking them regularly. Depending on the kind of driving you do, pop your hood, and remove the filter. Clean it, and make sure you get most of the dirt out. A quality filter like Mahle, with care and maintenance can help you keep a healthy engine. That means maintaining your filter will keep the life of your valves longer. Your piston rings don’t overwork, and the bearings are not corroded. This is because a clean air filter keeps your engine working well, without over extending its performance.