What Makes Those Old Chevelles So Much Fun to Drive?

The lure of the open road, the thrill of driving a true American classic — these are just two reasons why the Chevy Chevelle is so much fun to drive. There are plenty of other reasons why the Chevelle is a piece of American car history, with plenty of collectors.

One of the top reasons is the era that the Chevelle comes from. Chevrolet made this vehicle from 1964 – 1977, which was a critical era in American history. You had the Vietnam War going, which had a lot of hard conflict and bloody memories for many people. The Chevelle, when contrasted against the war, represented a way to step away from the things being broadcast on television and just live, without worrying about everything else going on. Did it block out everything? Not at all — but this was a nice weekend distraction, taking out the car for some fun on the road.

The Chevelle came in some different styles, but the convertible and the coupe were the two top styles of the day. You can find plenty of Chevelle convertibles still in collector’s circles.

What if you actually wanted to go with getting a Chevelle for yourself? You can definitely find what you’re looking for, but it’s a matter of trying to get the best information on restoration. While it’s true that there are plenty of restoration specialists, they will charge you a lot of money if you don’t know what to request. So it’s better to make sure that you can at least get the best information on what your Chevelle really needs. Some of the work you might be able to do yourself, while others you will have to take to the specialist.

Thankfully, there are sites online that can really help you out. You just need to know where to go. One site that we recommend highly would be Ecklers Chevelle, since they give you not only information on the Chevelles but also how to fix them. Getting the parts online is a snap from this site too. Everything is very cheap, yet the quality is still good. Trying to find aftermarket parts for classic cars can be a challenge, but thankfully you won’t have to work too hard to get what you’re looking for. Ecklers Chevelle is a good source of information as well as a good source to get the parts you need, so why waste time? Check it out today!

Is a moped the answer to rising fuel costs?

Motorists are really feeling the pinch, with a tank of fuel seemingly costing more every time they go to fill up. This has led to people seriously considering their mode of transport. There has been a trend recently to look at smaller vehicles as this can save a considerable amount of money both in road tax and insurance.

However, for those who use their vehicles largely for travelling reasonably close to home, a moped has become a serious consideration, not least because moped insurance is a fraction of what you would pay for car insurance.

A moped will obviously cost a lot less money than a car, whether it is purchased new or second hand. In tight financial times this can be a deciding factor, particularly for younger drivers. The cost of insuring a car for young drivers is often prohibitive, whereas Moped insurance is considerably cheaper.

On average, a moped will do considerably more miles to the gallon than a car, meaning that commuters will need to fill up less often. There are other advantages to using a moped for commuting around towns and cities. They are infinitely easier to park, for example and are also exempt from London’s congestion charge.

Parents of younger drivers can be nervous about their child riding a moped but should take some comfort from the fact that many are limited to 30 miles per hour. A moped can be ridden from the age of 16, giving teenagers an early sense of freedom while relieving parents from acting as an unofficial taxi service.

Commuters in cars are used to the seemingly endless traffic jams and chaos on the roads during their daily commute to work. A moped, particularly in towns and cities, can avoid these problems quite easily and cut down on journey times.

Many people are surprised to discover just how cheap the cost of running a moped as opposed to a car can be. Car tax has risen steadily and for those who cannot afford one of the newer, greener cars available, the annual cost is huge. Moped riders currently pay less than 10% of the higher rate of vehicle tax.

Of course, safety must be of paramount importance and anyone considering a moped should be sure to invest in a good helmet and locking device to keep both them and their moped safe. There is no doubt, though, that a moped can seriously cut the cost of commuting, especially after making the effort to shop around for things such as moped insurance.

Wear a Motorcycle Helmet, Please


One of life’s most persistent challenges is the fact that sometimes the people who mean the most to us — significant others, adult children, close friends and/or extended family — fail to do the things we know are best for them. Of course, some things we might suggest to our loved ones may be a matter of opinion. Our thoughts about career choices, finances, matters of the heart, and even health may sometimes turn out to be other than 100 percent correct over time. Yet, when it comes to getting bikers to wear their motorcycle helmets, there really doesn’t appear to be much room for opinion. Not only science, but plain common sense is on our side here.

Even so, despite helmet laws, a persistent number of people refuse entirely to do what they need to protect themselves. Almost as bad, as some kind of strange act of rebellion, many deliberately purchase substandard headgear that might fool the very casual observer but which has little relationship to actual motorcycle helmets that protect the head and spine in case of an accident. If one of these people is close to you, it’s easy to become upset as you imagine your friend or loved one dying or becoming permanently disabled.

Trying to persuade loved ones of the necessity of taking a simple, easy step to prevent the worst from happening can be more than a little frustrating. The important thing to remember is that, no matter how good our debate skills, people will ultimately do what people will do. If someone is determined that it’s simply not cool enough, comfortable enough, or what have you, to wear a helmet, ultimately the matter is simply outside of our control.

On the other hand, calm, persistent, low-key persuasion can make the difference often enough that it’s definitely worth trying. This is not to be confused with trying to inflict guilt, passive aggressive swipes, or constant nagging.

Sometimes all it takes for people to finally start wearing motorcycle helmets is just the ongoing realization of how devastated we would be if something were to happen to them. Often, the fear of disability and being a burden is far greater than fear of death, so remind the person that, with ever improving medical technology, they well might survive an accident that years ago would have meant certain death — but with permanent and severe disabilities. Sometimes, just the right low-key joke, sincerely loving remark, or vivid factoid or anecdote can make all the difference. In other words, don’t be a jerk about it, but don’t give up, either.

Powerful Car Deals Could Be Closer Than You Imagine!

2012 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ

Looking around for a new car? You’re in good company! If there ever was a great time to go out and get a new car that meets all of your needs, now is definitely the time. We’re not saying that we’re no longer fans of those lovely motorbikes and all terrain vehicles, but if you need something more traditional the time is now to find what you’re looking for.

A car deal is more than just a great price — it’s a deal that’s backed by service as well as quality. Do you know what you’re really looking for? If you go in person to a dealership, the salesperson can help you narrow down exactly what you might want.

Looking for something larger than what you have now? A sport utility vehicle would definitely be right up your alley! There was a time where these vehicles were super powerful, but rising fuel costs have made some consumers back away from this purchase. Still, if you know that you really need more space to transport both people and cargo, this is definitely the type of car you want to get interested in.

Now, you might be at a point where you need car finance options. That’s perfectly okay! Financing a new car purchase isn’t all that difficult, and you can often get financing information without even leaving your home! There are many online finance deals to be had, but if you really want to help your negotiations along it could be better to wait till you actually get to the dealership in question.

It’s all going to come from the same place, when you really think about it. For example, if you’re going towards Chevrolet in the UK, you will go through the car finance department directly from the company and get great Chevrolet car deals.

Having a few credit challenges isn’t often enough to keep you from getting the car that you always wanted. If you can explain some of the past challenges and show how far you’ve come since then, it won’t take much more to get the financing you need. Don’t sit on the sidelines forever, thinking that credit will keep you away from getting a great car.

The time is definitely now to step out of your home and check out the amazing car deals around you. The search starts online for the car that you really want, and then it’s time to check out the best cars in person!

Where to start? We really think that Chevrolet car deals are often the best ones right now, and there’s probably a good dealership near you that offers plenty of Chevrolet cars to choose from! Check it out now!

Tips on How to Get Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

In the same way that car insurance can really sting, insuring your motorbike can also be a rather unpleasant experience, particularly for your pocket. However, there are some rather helpful hints and tips out there that can help ease the financial pressure that comes with making sure that you and your motorcycle are covered in the event of an accident, or even theft or damage for that matter.

Here, for your delectation, are a few of these insightful little hints which, assuming that they are right for you could help you to save on your motorcycle insurance.

Firstly, deciding which cover you actually need is very important. It might sound obvious, but many motorcyclists, particularly on their first attempt to provide themselves with the adequate level of cover will spend over the odds for an insurance scheme which is over the top. By considering just how much cover you need, you can vastly cut down on costs. For example, a first time motorcyclist might not need to spend a fortune on Fully Comprehensive insurance when Third Party, which is far cheaper, might be all they need.

Our best advice is to discuss your actual needs with a current biker and he or she should be able to point out which level of insurance is required for your specific needs.

Of course, how you treat your bike can also make a huge difference to your insurance premium. An insurer will not only take into account how long you have been riding, but will also want to get a good idea of just how secure your motorbike is at night, for example. In order to cut down on your outgoings, making simple changes to how you look after your beloved machine can make a difference. For starters, if you can, try and keep your bike in a garage or secure space, this will cut down on the chances of it getting stolen and vastly decrease your premium. Also, by fitting an alarm you can make a bold statement to any would be insurer that you are a careful and considerate owner.

Our third tip might seem like a step in the wrong direction at first, but with a little time and effort, you too can find a cheaper motorbike insurance policy. Yes, though it might sound like a hassle, undertaking a course can knock down your premium by a large amount. These advance courses, much like their car-based equivalent can not only improve your riding ability, they can prove to any would be insurer that you are a safe and safety conscious motorcycle enthusiast and this only helps limit how extreme a quote can be. It really is a win-win situation for any rider who is seeking cheaper motorbike insurance.

Our final tip is a rather obvious one, but the importance of shopping around really cannot be overstated. If you are new to the whole process of insuring your motorcycle, it can seem a little daunting at first and many people are too quick to settle for a deal in order to simply finish the annoying process and get out on that open road. By shopping around for the best deal, you too can vastly improve your chances of saving money by locating a cheaper motorcycle insurance quote. Patience is required, but the rewards are plain to see. So, if you are currently in the unfortunate position of having to seek for a decently priced motorbike insurance quote, take these tips into consideration and the whole unpleasant process will no doubt be much easier, and more affordable than you might have thought.

Compare Bike Insurance Quotes with Bennetts – the UK’s No.1 Bike Insurance Specialist.

Installing a Frame Slider Kit for the Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster

The frame sliders made for Ducati Monsters are manufactured in a manner that offers superior protection for S2R, S4R and 600/620/900/1000 Multistradas in the event of a tip over or low-side. The frame protection kits are designed by the same company that makes frame sliders. Every model of is thoroughly tested for slide and drop protection. These kits are known for being tough, durable and able to absorb large impacts.

Before Your Start

Before you start the installation process, read all included instructions. Frame sliders are meant to fit on certain engine mounts of a bike. This is why it is strongly encouraged for riders to look at their manual before starting an installation. Check the manual to find out the tightening torque; there is also information available online if you do not have a service manual.

Included Parts

* Two Frame Sliders and Aluminum Inserts
* One 10mm Stainless Steel Threaded Rod
* Two Washers and Locknuts

Needed Tools

* Two 17mm Deep Sockets
* A Ratchet Drive
* A Torque Wrench
* Pliers or a Vise Grip
* Rubber Mallet
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Customizing Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

If your interested in transforming your standard chopper into a roaring, loud, customized machine, you can buy a few custom parts to do the job. Aftermarket custom parts usually run from $100-$500 and do not require a wealth of motorcycle mechanical knowledge to install. Take a look at the four modifications that you can install yourself. Each one will make a noticeable difference on how your Harley sounds and performs. In most cases, custom aftermarket motorcycle parts tend to be superior over stock parts in terms of performance and looks. The best places to make modifications are the exhaust, engine and ignition. Afterward, you can replace the mirrors, handlebars, tires, gas tank and even the paint job in order to give you bike a unique look as well as tons of noise, power and speed.


Aftermarket carburetors are among the first parts people replace when customizing their Harley. The main function of a motorcycle’s carburetor is to mix the ideal amount of air and gas in order to create the torque needed for fueling the bike. An engine will run too lean when there is not enough gas and it will flood when there is too much gas. There are several aftermarket carburetors from which to choose but Mikuni is arguably the most effective at pulling air. And the more air that flows, the more peak power you will enjoy.

Big Growler Exhaust

What good is a chopper if it does not make that “rumble” sound? Big Growler Exhaust systems are sure to catch the attention of those who are stuck driving cars and they will make them envy the freedom only a Harley can give. This system creates an non-muffled amplification due to its long, straight pipe; every grind and hum will be heard as you cruise and accelerate. These exhausts cost several hundred dollars and are worth the price.

Yost Power Tube

For a little bit of money, you can get tons of power with Yost Power Tubes. Since increased power comes from a greater amount of combustion efficiency, the Power Tube is the best way to achieve your power goals. These kits made by Yost have a spacer that provides more throttle and power and will work with Harley-Davidson’s B, E, and G S&S Series. This is among the easiest custom part for bike riders to install on their own.

Spyke Ignition

Ignition kits are popular custom motorcycles because of the huge impact they make. The aftermarket ignitions manufactured by Spyke carry a lot more power than factory-made ignitions, aggressive ignition curves and dyno-proven power gains. Spyke ignitions will reduce strain and kickback while simultaneously allowing for customized timings that rely on engine modifications.

Luxurious Additions for Your Motorcycle

Luxurious Additions for Your Motorcycle

Luxury. Say it out loud, and it’ll sound even better. Now, you might wonder how you could possibly add luxury components to a luxury item like a motorcycle, but you would be surprised. Indeed, motorcycles have become half-luxury and half-necessity as people look for ways to make their overall gas budgets stretch in tight financial times. It can feel like there is just no way that you would ever be able to find something that can really make your motorcycle stand out, but again — don’t be surprised when you do.

The rise of the Internet has made it even easier to get a great set of additions for your motorcycle, but how do you really narrow down what luxurious additions for your motorcycle you should pick up first? Well, it’s just a matter of thinking about the purpose you have in mind for your motorcycle. For example, if you know that you will want to ride your motorcycle at night more than any other time, then it just makes sense to invest in high intensity lighting that can light up the road for you. For the rider going through those long country roads, then you definitely know what we’re talking about.

On the other hand, maybe you want something a bit more flashy and “in your face”. This is where custom mini floorboards can come in handy, as well as everyone’s favorite modification: chrome! There’s nothing like looking at a chromed out bike, especially when you have the work done by a professional.

This leads to a pretty good point. No matter what accessories that you want to add to your motorcycle, you might want to bring them out to your favorite motorcycle mechanic for actual installation. The motorcycle culture is very DIY, but if you know that you can’t handle that right now there’s no reason to feel like you have to go down this path if you don’t want to. It’s better to take things to a professional that can show you how to install it properly than to do it yourself and end up causing more damage than you would if you had just gotten it done right by a professional the first time.

Moving on, another point that you will nee dot consider when it comes to luxurious additions to your motorcycle is that luxury is relative. It all depends on your budget and what you want to get accomplished. Of course, if you’re still not sure what type of modifications you want to make, you can always hit up a good motorcycle forum. The nice part about motorcycle culture is that it’s not only very social, but it’s also very approachable towards newcomers. Yes, there is an elite circle that prides itself on riding for years, but the reality is that that same circle had to start somewhere — as beginners. The key here is to make sure that you reach out and show respect when you’re asking questions. Trying to ask the same questions over and over again will only make it hard for other people to take you seriously.

Overall, it’s really all about getting the type of customizations that you ultimately want. While you can get inspiration form other people, you shouldn’t let other people make you feel pressured to get a certain addition to your money. As a famous commercial once said, “It’s your money; use it when you want to!”