Small cars vs. motorcycles: the pros and cons

Of course, there are many reasons to own a motorcycle. Its driving economy, for one thing, can’t be rivalled by any car, no matter how small, compact, and green. There’s also a cool factor that the rider won’t get from any other vehicle. However, there are some disadvantages to owning and driving a motorcycle. If you’re looking to choose between the two kinds of vehicle, you’ll need to take several pros and cons into account.

One major advantage of motorcycles is that they take up far less space than even the smallest car. The average garage can, for example, hold three or four motorcycles, even if the building is on the small side. Out and about during the day, the diminutive size of a motorcycle compared to a car also makes parking far easier to find, and driving through congested traffic is less of a problem.

Another advantage is cost. The purchase price of even a classic motorcycle tends to be a fraction of the cash required for a car. Fuel consumption is much lower, which is an important point in a world where fuel prices worldwide are rising almost exponentially. Finally, mechanically inclined people can save on repair costs by maintaining and repairing their own vehicles. The need for body work and paint is also far less than that required for a car.

So what are the advantages of car ownership?

Many make an argument for safety. Cars generally offer better protection in an accident as cars have seatbelts and a lot of protective metal around them. Motorcycle drivers don’t have these, even if they do wear protective leathers. So the argument for cars then goes that these drivers are at far less risk of injury or death when involved in a serious accident than motorcycle drivers involved in the same type of accident.

If it’s about the cool factor, there are many small cars that have a good cool factor and fuel economy going for them. The Ford Focus, for example, is reported to have a relatively cool look, with superb handling, fuel economy, and a good price for its size and quality. It compares as well as a small car can with a motorcycle.

So which kind of vehicle is best? The answer, as for so much else in life, is that it’s up to each individual. Motorcycle drivers will stand by their choice, as will car owners. Choice is, after all, what makes driving worth doing today.

Keeping your Honda Motorcycle in great condition

Those of us lucky enough to be in possession of a Honda motorcycle know how important it is to keep our bikes in tip top condition.

This doesn’t just mean making sure it’s clean or that you don’t scratch or dent it too much, it actually means ensuring it is spotlessly clean, that you are keeping it in the right environment and that all of its Honda motorbike parts are genuine, up to date and working excellently.

This blog post will discuss how to keep your Honda motorcycles in tip top condition so that you can enjoy them in the way they should be enjoyed this summer.

Here’s how to get the most out of your bike:

Invest in some genuine Honda motorcycle parts

It’s tempting to accept something that may look and act like the real deal but is actually a cut price knock off. Not only is this going to do you a disservice with regards to the potential of your bike, it can be quite dangerous. Make sure your bike parts and accessories are the real Honda made.

Keep your Honda motorcycle in a safe, clean environment

You can’t ride your motorcycle all the time – believe us, we’ve tried! You need to make sure that your chosen storage place for your motorcycle is good enough.

This means making sure that it is:

• Safe from thieves – We don’t want to even try and describe how awful it is to have your pride and joy nicked from under your nose.
• In a dust-free environment – Dust gets everywhere, even in the tiniest nooks and crannies of your motorcycle
• Clean – give your Honda motorcycle a wipe before you put it away, there’s nothing worse that accumulated dirt and dust. Plus, it gets into the mechanics and can cause problems.

For more information on how to invest in Honda motorcycles and motorcycle parts UK, go to

Where you should buy used cars

used cars

There are many different places where we can buy a used car and here we will look at some of the available choices.
Firstly there are the registered main dealers. These are dealers who specialise in selling cars made by specific manufacturers, for instance they might be a main Ford dealer, or a main Nissan dealer and so on. They focus on selling new cars but generally they also used cars they have accepted in part exchange. Often they also sell used cars that have been tested and approved by the original manufacturers. These might cost a little more, but they also tend to be excellent examples.

Next is the standard used car dealer who is generally an independent trader. These tend to be smaller operations than the main dealers. They will carry a stock of cars from a variety of manufacturers and often they source their cars at car auctions. Naturally not all independent traders are the same; there is a variation in the quality of service they provide, but the advantage of buying a used car from them is that you enjoy a considerable amount of legal rights should anything go wrong with the deal.

Used car supermarkets have become a popular outlet. These stock very large number of cars and enjoy an economy of scale, which means that often you can find some terrific bargains at such places. They tend to provide a complete service which includes taking your old car in exchange, arranging finance and so forth. You can turn up in your old car and drive away in your replacement used one.

If you are seeking to save the most money then you are likely to do so by buying your car from a private seller. As there is much less legal protection if you use this route, you do need to be especially vigilant when it comes to checking both the legality of the car and its condition.

The final used car outlet we will consider is the car auction. This is the best place to buy a used car at a bargain price, but you need to know exactly what you are doing. There is limited opportunity to examine the car before the auction starts and if you get it wrong there is very little comeback as everything is sold as seen.

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The Benefits of Business Car Lease Deals

Business Car Lease Deals

Choosing a Business Car Lease deal over an outright purchases is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of acquiring a company car. Over the past few years private registrations have declined and fleet and business registrations have been on the rise – proven by information the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have made freely available.

This massive change in the way a business acquires a company car is not without reason. There are many advantages to Business Car Leasing and over the next few paragraphs you’re sure to realize just how beneficial it can be.

One of the massive advantages encountered when entering a Business Car Lease deal is the image that a company is sure to present. A powerful, prestigious and positive impression is given off when a company possesses an up-to-date and modern fleet of attractive vehicles. Factors like this are massively influential in the business world and can actually make or break certain deals or partnerships etc.

Moving away from the image side of things companies will find that a company car is ultimately a lot more cost-effective and simple than an outright purchase. It’ll be a lot easier to budget for as all of the money isn’t needed upfront and the monthly payments can be negotiated when creating a contract with the provider.

Another aspect that is very beneficial to a company is just how practical the vehicles are and how productive staff are sure to be in them. Leased vehicles are perfect for long commutes, motorway travel and travelling to meetings etc. If you’re interest has been peaked so far then search for some more information on the subject and see if an opportunity like this can open doors for your business.

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