Buying Points for Purchasing a Harley Davidson

Purchasing a Harley Davidson

The process of buying a Harley is enjoyable and unforgettable. But new riders are usually intimidated by the sheer selection of bikes. Most beginning riders gravitate toward Harley’s Sportster models because of their light weight. All in all, Harley-Davidson carries 31 motorcycle models that can be categorized into five various families of bikes. Regardless of the model, there are a few points to keep in mind when purchasing your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which all revolve around the three contact points your body will make while sitting on a Harley. These points are the bottom, feet and hands. As you sit on a motorcycle, pay attention to the way your hands fit around the handlebars and remember that while holding the handlebars, your heels should touch the ground and your knees and elbows should remain slightly bent.

Foot Pegs and Floorboards

Motorcycles with floorboards are definitely the most comfortable for the rider’s feet. However, some bikes only have foot pegs. For foot-peg bikes, there are accessories that create a greater width and are made with rubber inserts that allow the rider to feel less vibration and enjoy greater control.

Handlebars and Risers

In order to get just the right fit, you have to test out and find the ideal combination of riser, the piece connecting the fork to the handlebar, and handlebar. Always take into consideration the bars’ width because wider-set bars provide additional leverage.


Perhaps one of the most important points, in terms of comfort, is the bike’s seat. There are numerous seat accessories available for purchase, some of which sit high and have extra padding. However, lower-profile seats are better for shorter riders. The seat height for some accessories can be lowered by two inches, which makes more of a difference than you might think. The type of bike trips you plan to take should also influence your purchase. Thick, wide seats are best suited for long-distance trips, especially if the seat is shaped like a chair. These seats have optional suspension lowering kits so the rider can not only enjoy a more comfortable trip but also better control.

Other Accessories

After you have finally chosen the right model of Harley, you can purchase accessories to better fit your style of riding, such as rain gear, saddlebags and windshields. Of course, be sure to thoroughly compare products and talk to fellow riders. Perusing bike magazines can also give you great ideas. Soon enough, you will be enjoying a long relationship that so many Harley-Davidson bike owners have.