Tips for Safe Winter Motorcycle Rides

Winter Motorcycle Rides

If you are the adventurous types, winter motorcycle rides may appeal to you. But if you do not have the luxury of a snug faring and heated grips, there are several safety tips you should follow in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of your chilly, winter ride.

Avoid Motorcycle Corrosion

Wintertime motorcycle corrosion is avoidable if you regularly wash off the dirt and road salt that accumulates on your bike and causes oxidation. Be sure to wax the alloy rims of your bike by using a hard wax. In addition, put some Vaseline or grease on places you want to keep dry. Keep in mind that if you keep your motorcycle under a cover, the cover will not prevent all moisture from breaking through so park it in a garage if possible.

Corners and Speeding

Be certain your motorcycle’s centrifugal forces are minimized as you head toward a curve. Simply ride slower than usual and you should be able to keep the forces in control. Whatever you do, refrain from sudden acceleration and breaking.

Keep Warm

Cold feet and hands are not good at keeping a motorcycle under control. So install a warmer kit in order to stay warm during freezing temperatures.

Pedestrian Dangers

Always be aware of pedestrians. Many times, pedestrians walking in cold, wet weather will not pay attention to their surroundings, especially when they decide to dart across the road to keep from getting wet. They also tend to keep their heads pointed downward so keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Pot Holes Filled With Water

Pot holes are great at creating illusions. They may look like puddles but the depth is difficult to gauge until after you ride over one. If you see a puddle, remember that it may not always be a puddle.

Slippery Roads

When the first winter rains fall on oil-coated roads from the summertime, the combination is extremely hazardous. There is less of a grip on wet roads as opposed to dry roads so even roads with which you are familiar could have a layer of oil that will decrease your tires’ grip. And be aware that rapidly gearing down may cause your back tire to lock up when riding on wet roads.

Tree Gum

During the summer, the trees that hang over the road tend to become over-sapped. When tree sap and rainwater mix, the combination creates a slippery film that can cause injury.

White Road Lines

The white lines painted on a road’s surface become very slippery when wet. Stay away from the road’s center while riding because these lines tend to gather a lot of dirt and fuel deposits.