The Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

It is not recommended to buy a motorcycle helmet based solely on its appearance, material and size. There is much more to consider when buying this key piece of safety equipment. There are some brands that are know for safety more than others, such as Arai, Bell, Erex, HJC, Nolan, Shoei and Suomy. Most of these companies manufacture helmets that carry the safety approval of SNELL or the DOT. There are four main aspects for which to look when choosing the right helmet. These aspects are color, liner, shape and visibility.


Most people think that color is an easy decision; however, these people are mistaken. When it comes to safety, you need to be highly visible to other people on the road. Bright colors tend to stand out better than dark colors such as black. This is why motorcycle safety experts always recommend bright colors above any other color, especially for riders who like to take their bike out at night.


Liners are another important safety consideration in terms of choosing a helmet. The main function of a helmet liner is to give you not only comfort but also a snug fit. You can tell whether or not a liner is the right one for your head by the pressure points. If the points on your head feel an uneven distribution of pressure, you should avoid that particular liner. Generally, skull cap liners are known for being the most comfortable and evenly distributing pressure over the head’s surface.


The helmet’s shape is also a vital purchasing point. No two rider’s heads are exactly the same. Some people have slim, oblong heads while others have oval-shaped heads or round heads. The only way to really determine if a helmet is the right shape is by wearing it. The helmet should fit comfortably and securely. In addition, the helmet’s weight must be properly distributed in order for your head to easily support the helmet.


The last aspect on this motorcycle helmet buying guide is visibility. The manner in which some bike helmets are designed make it difficult for the wearer to see from their peripheral vision. A helmet that allows full visibility is one that will help you see the road better, allowing you to avoid accidents.

Always Try On the Helmet

Once you have finally found a helmet that seems to meet all of the above purchasing criteria, you need to try it on before buying the helmet and using it. If you plan to buy a helmet online in order to save money, try the brands on that interest you in the store first and then buy your final choice online.